Information. Confidence. Planning.

Every trader needs to trade his/her own way. Some need to look at several things: Indicators, Related markets, Different time frames, Footprints, e.t.c in order to make a trade. Some only need to keep track of pit orders and watch their trading ladders.

Strive to assimilate information before you are in the battle that is trading; that will afford you the opportunity to trade a plan while also watching the action as the market develops around your plan.

That is what my clients look to me for: to remind them - to keep them informed – of things that are happening in the market. And to tell them what I am doing so they can use my trading style as a filter for their own.

Be sure to have a plan. If the market does not respond to your plan, you will survive the session. If the market does respond to your plan, you will have a successful day and have gained a lot of confidence. See if I am the missing piece in YOUR trading puzzle.
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