About The Newsletter

The letter is USUALLY posted on the website by 5:00pm CT and is intended for use in both the overnight and the next day’s floor session.

The newsletter has 2 main parts: the “comment” section and the levels.

• The PIVOT can be directional; refer to my comment section for information about it.

• *'s (asterisk) are strong levels.

• Levels on the letter without ANY description are the weakest levels.

• Pivotal+ are significant levels; they are targets and then become the key to the next direction. Pivotal- are best viewed as targets.

• Cash yields will – in certain markets – become important. They are generally “pivotals”.

• “watch” is a level that I know is important – but I am not sure how it will play out…“watch” levels can be fairly close to pivotals in my jargon.


Posted on the website each evening and Saturday mornings

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