If you are an aspiring trader – or a trader who has had little or no success in previous trading attempts- starting with TBF education is the place to start.

I have heard from several clients that “the toughest thing to do is to un-learn all the crap they previously were taught” … Your mantra has to be:

The market will try every time to have you NOT do at least one of those (if not all 3)…but the things you will learn in this program will help you identify the trades with the best profit potential that fit your risk tolerance.

Two issues that often derail a new trader’s attempt at successful trading are the inability to focus during the trading session – and account size. Your account needs to be a minimum of 10K – and it must be “risk capital” that you fully accept you might lose.

Trading today’s (Spring of '24) market is extremely difficult. After a few months you will have gained experience that will greatly improve your chance of long term success.

The education program includes the video library; unlimited access to view the tapes as many times as you need.

You will also have 8 weeks of the live trading room and newsletter access.
The premise of the education program is:

Learn the setups and other methodology thru the video tapes

Follow along each day as those scenarios play out in real-time

Hear my thought process as I analyze the scenarios in real time

Use the trading room message board to ask questions in real time

Use a 90-minute 1-on-1 class with me to further your education

Many traders have commented on the discipline and patience they have developed by being in the program. Those traits are hallmarks of every successful trader.


Can I use this in the US overnight market?

Will what I learn work in other markets?
The program is for the US 30YR bond, 10YR note, 5YR note and ES. I believe every market has unique characteristics that are best applied only to that market.

What happens after my 2 months in the program?
We will evaluate your progress and see where you are at. If an extension of the program is needed – or a discount to continue with the trading room and newsletter is warranted - you will be offered one.

Education Program

$1300 / USD

Ongoing Education Videos

8 weeks of The Trading Room

8 weeks of The Newsletter